Rideshare & Car Wrap Advertising Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, the advertising landscape is constantly evolving with innovative methods to engage consumers more personally and memorably. Rideshare advertising, also known as car wrap advertising, is a novel concept gaining momentum as a powerful platform for reaching a diverse and captive audience. According to a joint report by Nielsen Norman Group and OAAA, 92% of business owners who have used vehicle wrap advertisements find them the most effective form of local advertising. Wrapped vehicles are the most noticed moving out-of-home (OOH) advertising format. Welcome to “The Ultimate Guide to Rideshare Advertising,” a comprehensive resource for small business owners, local businesses, marketing buyers, out-of-home ad agencies, and brand managers looking to leverage this unique advertising channel effectively.

Car wrap advertising encompasses the strategic placement of advertisements on ridesharing and gig economy vehicles, such as Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft. These vehicles serve as mobile billboards, beckoning your strategically targeted audience to engage with your brand where they live, work, and play.

Rideshare advertising creates a symbiotic relationship, allowing advertisers to leverage rideshare services for enhanced brand visibility. This setup benefits brands and provides extra income to drivers, while effectively exposing ads to the target audience.

Adoify was an early innovator in rideshare advertising, and we are honored to share this guide to help you spread your message, build your brand, and add innovation and measurability to your marketing strategy, allowing you to connect with your target audiences.



Rideshare advertising allows you to precisely target your audience based on location, helping you learn about audience demographics, affinities, and behavior. This precision ensures your message reaches the right people at the right time.


With a presence on high-mileage vehicles that drive where you need them to, your brand becomes highly visible in the locations that matter most.


Rideshare advertising offers a unique opportunity to engage people on the go. Individuals exposed to brands through out-of-home advertising, such as car wraps and decals, are more likely to engage with digital marketing efforts.


Whether you have a $1,000 or $1,000,000 advertising budget, a car wrap advertising campaign can scale with you. Start small and add vehicles in target locations as you grow.


Traditional out-of-home advertising serves only certain locations and verticals. If you sell in a low-population area or advertise products that aren’t allowed on billboards, car wrap advertising can get your message in front of people where and when you need it most.


Unlike some traditional out-of-home advertising options, Adoify car wraps allow you to retarget consumers. By showing digital ads to those already exposed to your messaging, you can ensure they are well on their way in the customer journey.


Rideshare advertising thrives at the intersection of technology, mobility, and consumer behavior. As passengers increasingly rely on rideshare services for daily transportation, and as the number of rideshare vehicles grows, car wrap advertising leverages the frequency and location-specificity of these journeys. It’s not just about placing an ad; it’s about creating an immersive and memorable experience that resonates with your target audience in the right place at the right time.

In this guide, we will delve deep into the intricacies of rideshare advertising, offering valuable insights, strategies, and best practices to help you harness the full potential of this innovative marketing channel. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing executive or a brand representative looking to explore new horizons, “The Ultimate Guide to Rideshare Advertising” will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate this emerging landscape.

Car wrap ads combine ad creativity, mobility, and tech innovation to bring your messaging to your target audience, resulting in increased brand awareness and loyalty. Let’s explore the world of rideshare advertising together and see how it can drive your ideal customers into the customer journey pipeline.


According to Zippia’s article, “20+ Riveting Ridesharing Industry Statistics [2023]: Average Ridesharing Revenue, Market Share And More,” the rideshare industry has generated $117 billion in sales in the US alone. This marks a 50% increase from 2020, highlighting the industry’s substantial growth and potential. In 2015, only 15% of Americans had used rideshare services; by 2023, this figure rose to 36%. Additionally, in 2015, 33% of US residents had not heard of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, but by 2021, this dropped to just 3%. Uber and Lyft now share a combined 151.3 million monthly active users, with Uber leading with 131 million monthly users.

$117 Billon in Sales

50% INCREASE from 2020

97% HEARD OF rideshare services like Uber & Lyft

151.3 Million monthly Uber and Lyft users


Advertisers can unlock significant benefits from rideshare advertising by leveraging the unique advantages of Adoify's platform for their marketing campaigns.

Data-Driven Insights Advertisers can leverage data analytics to track consumer behavior, enabling retargeting with future digital ads. Car wraps offer a comprehensive advertising solution that combines creativity, mobility, and technological innovation to effectively engage your audience and guide them through the customer journey.

1. Local Trips, Hyper-Local Impact

Rideshare advertising enables businesses to capitalize on local trips, promoting their messages, products, and services through highly targeted campaigns. National brands can run multiple campaigns at once, ensuring maximum exposure in key markets.

2. Effective Branding

Car wrap advertisements are one of the most effective ways to introduce brands to consumers. They create a significant impact, building brand recognition and credibility among the target audience.

3. Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Car wraps enhance brand loyalty by embedding a brand’s imagery and message in consumers’ minds. For instance, a rideshare vehicle displaying an energy drink’s images as it transports professionals around a business district will make potential customers more likely to choose that brand when they need an energy boost. With ongoing exposure, these consumers are more likely to become loyal customers, consistently choosing that energy drink.



Car wrap ads are novel, exciting, and memorable, making them more likely to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Passengers are more inclined to remember the branding and engage with the brand through future interactions.

5. Standing Out from the Crowd

Traditional out-of-home advertising serves only certain locations and verticals. If you sell in a low-population area or advertise products that aren’t allowed on billboards, car wrap advertising can get your message in front of people where and when you need it most.

5. Standing Out from the Crowd

Traditional out-of-home advertising serves only certain locations and verticals. If you sell in a low-population area or advertise products that aren’t allowed on billboards, car wrap advertising can get your message in front of people where and when you need it most.

6. Driving Actions CTA

Car wraps can feature QR codes and compelling calls-to-action, encouraging passengers to take immediate steps like visiting a website, downloading an app, or making a purchase.


7. Exposure Multiplier

Car wrap advertisements serve as an impactful initial touchpoint with your audience. It’s widely accepted that consumers need multiple exposures (typically between 7 and 17) to a brand before making a purchase decision. Car wraps provide a memorable and innovative first impression. Additionally, they can be used as a mid or bottom-of-the-funnel marketing strategy, guiding your audience from awareness to interest and ultimately to action.

8. Hyper-Local Targeting

Car wrap campaigns can be tailored to specific zip codes, cities, neighborhoods, or counties. This allows advertisers to strategically and effectively allocate their budgets, reaching their ideal audience with precision.

9. Perfect for Timely Campaigns

Car wraps are ideal for promoting grand openings, new products, time-sensitive campaigns, or location-specific sales, capturing the attention of your target audience effectively.


Targeting Local and Hyperlocal Audiences

Hyperlocal Marketing Solutions Digital marketing efforts can sometimes fall short for hyperlocal strategies and often require prior brand exposure to be truly effective. If you have a fixed budget, consider a hyperlocal car wrap campaign with Adoify for various use cases:

Location-Specific Stores

Businesses aiming to increase foot traffic to their specific store locations can significantly benefit from hyperlocal car wrap campaigns.

Zip Code-Specific Messaging

Targeting specific zip codes can effectively convey location-specific messages.

Town or City-Specific Public Service Announcements

Car wraps can effectively raise local awareness for public service announcements, especially when targeted to specific towns or cities.

Industry-Specific Campaigns

Products or services tailored to specific professions can be promoted in areas where those professionals live or work.

In Summary Car wrap advertising empowers businesses to reach their ideal customers precisely where they are, using demographic insights and location-based targeting to create highly effective campaigns. The next chapter will explore the benefits and advantages of rideshare advertising, highlighting the opportunities presented by different vehicle ad placements.